Twin flames

Ok, as promised, here it is.  The long awaited post on twin flames.

First of all, how do you distinguish a twin from a soulmate?  I touched on this in an earlier post, but I’ll just go ahead and give some facts about twins:

  1. They are the embodiment of the divine masculine and divine feminine that combine to make one.  Hence, one will always incarnate as male and the other will always incarnate as female.  These roles may reverse over multiple lifetimes, however there will always be one of each at any given time.
  2. Numerology can get really interesting with twins. Typically, if twins are going to incarnate together in the same lifetime, their birthdays will have the element of an eleven or a division of two between them. For example I know my twin and my birthday is March 26 and his is June 13. 26/13 is 2.
  3. Another interesting trend with twins (also from numerology) is a connection with the numbers 8 and 11.  I will go into the whole numerology deal in another post, however 8 is seen as the number of infinity, and 11 is the number most commonly associated with the two pillars as the number of the twins. (1+1 makes 2.)
  4. Twins are different from soul mates, in that they are one. They are never apart, so while soul mates may spend lifetimes looking for each other, twins will not search for each other and will come together only when a need to do so is present. When they do meet, there is an instant sense of trust, even if it does not logically make sense. Each twin may feel like they are looking at someone who is an exact copy of themselves, despite physical and personality differences that may exist.
  5. Twins are mirrors of each other, and because of this may not always get along.  Remember, a mirror reflects all, so while you can see everything that makes you wonderful in the eyes of your twin, you can also see everything about yourself that needs to change as you continue to evolve.
  6. Twins have an awareness of different frequencies that may affect them.  Examples would be numerical (such as dates or times), sensual (such as tastes, smells, or sounds), empathetic (feelings or emotions), or metaphysical (astrologic, or dealing with the astral plane).
  7. A twin soul connection that where both twins are fully awake can be seen by someone who can see auras. Twins who are not awake will have auras that radiate on the same basic spectrum of light.  Twins who are both awake will radiate on the exact same spectrum of light, and will have an aura that appears gold, silver, or pink. If one or both twins are not awake, it is possible that they will radiate the same aura as awake twins if they are physically present in the same location.
  8. Twins often follow laws of polarity (two halves make a whole). For example, male and female, fire sign/water sign, earth sign/air sign, shy/outgoing etc.
  9. Eye contact between twins can be intense.  This is a trait that (at least in my experience) only twins display. More can be accomplished with a single look between twins than with great physical effort in other types of relationship.

And speaking of the relationship, I want to address that next. A twin flame relationship is work, and hard work at that. This relationship comes with a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. A twin flame relationship is not about romance!  While it typically winds up going there, the purpose of a twin flame relationship is not just to fall in love, have sex, and make babies.  If that was all there was to it, then more people would be in these relationships and it would be easy. It’s not! Twins come together for a specific reason, usually to make a difference in the world through a shared passion. Also, in a romantic soul mate relationship, there is an intense pull of physical energy. However, in a twin flame relationship there is an intense pull of charismatic energy, especially as the connection strengthens and becomes more intense. There is a feeling of friendship and trust between twin flames, even if they have known each other a short time. Remember, even though twin flames may have just physically met in this lifetime, they have known each other forever.

As I said before, this is an intense relationship, and most people who have not experienced it won’t get it. Also, it takes some getting used to.  Meeting your twin can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you choose to look at it. The intensity has a tendency to hit one or both twins in the face, and it can take some doing to be able to live and work together in relative peace.  Which brings me to my next point. If you have found your twin, and dream of living together in psychic spiritual bliss, think again!  One major component of a twin flame relationship is that both twins are changing each other and encouraging each other to grow.  This process is not always pleasant, and conflicts can and do arise.  However, as the relationship intensifies, there is an intense pull for twins to resolve issues as quickly as possible, so as to get back to both the purpose for which they were brought together to begin with, and to get back to the whole growing process. So much for hearts and flowers.

Also included in this growth process is a spiritual awakening of sorts.  Typically, twins have a definite form of telepathy that exists between them, and this will also increase as the relationship intensifies. It is not uncommon for one or both twins to possess psy abilities, and for one or both of them to be fully awake to those abilities.  A twin flame connection is a complete, direct connection between two souls that has transcended time and space.  Two fully awake twins often have the ability to speak to each other, even if they are on different continents.  Because they are connected to each other, it is not uncommon for psy abilities to intensify between them as well.  Say for instance if one twin had the ability of clairvoyance, or second sight.  He or she is able to see things on another plane, that may not be physically present.  He or she also may be able to see some things through the eyes of another.  When dealing with his or her twin, this ability is stronger, and he or she can see more through the eyes of his or her twin than through anyone else. This type of connection may scare one or both twins.  It is especially difficult if one has awakened psy abilities and the other does not. The only advice here is to be patient and work through each situation as it arises. Also, it is not uncommon for these shared experiences to transcend to the physical realm.  Twins may share physical symptoms such as illness, bruising, nosebleeds, or headaches, despite great physical distance between them.

Remember, this is not the lovey-dovey relationship of wine and roses. This is more a relationship of fire, and has endured the test of time. This type of love sees all, and seeks to create a better being both in self and other. Because it is so intense, it should be respected as such, so as not to create karma that will need to be worked out later. The most important pieces of a twin relationship is honesty, transparency, and communication.  If these three things are not present, one or both twins may inadvertently contribute to the creation of negative karma.

It all comes down to the fact that twin flame relationships are extremely rare and special. They can be frightening, maddening, and fantastic all at the same time.  The purpose is to teach each twin about love that is higher than their physical selves, and to allow them to combine energies to make the world a better place.

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14 Responses to Twin flames

  1. Marsha says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, to everything you have described above. I have for sometime been trying to figure out this “Crazy” relationship. Today, the number 11 kept coming to me & I began working on our birthdays, the day we met & nothing would add up……Until I read this Post!!!! Amazing!!!! My birthday is May 18th & his is September 20th, 1+8+2+0=11……OMG!!!!! Thanks

  2. Carol says:

    I am not finding anything about heterosexuals who find their twin flame is of the same sex. Just one additional challenge I suppose!! Hanging on and trying to stay the course with grace (2 steps forward, 1 step back it seems)

  3. realfeelings says:

    Me and my twin spirit have separated in the physical and he won’t talk to me . I probably am the reason and the one to blame. I am much older but it’s like we are exactly the same person. I feel really weird not connecting but I feel maybe we are going through the cool off since there were things that made me blow a gasket and I really just needed to be calm but exploded instead and now he won’t speak to me ………….. This is the hardest relationship I have ever had and I’ve had many in my life time…. But nothing as uncanny as this one. He is much younger and had never experienced one of these before. Or had never been in love …… I really can’t lose him even though he is on one side of the continent and I in the middle. I am loved by many and I love myself so you know I love him immensely and he is the only one i have ever known like this. In fact when I was real little Like 4 yo, I had suddenly realized there was another connected spirit with me and it felt then like my twin is now . I would get moved by music and feel that spirit quickening in my heart or soul. One time my father who was a classical composer was playing a piece he wrote and i was sitting one the couch and remember that I started crying like someone just left me……alone. My parents kept asking what was wrong and thought I was physically ill but I kept saying I want my pillow….which was what I carried around like a person.
    My twin spirit has said to me this last year that I remind him of his little girl. Which is really spooky cause that was when i remember the/ a break away. I wish I could talk to him. I have tried reaching out and he unfriended me on all the social networks we were on so I figure he needs to grow and accept me as what I am. This is really a VERY difficult thing. I am his first true girl relationship in this life or close enough to it and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. I just sent a letter and said I would always be here. But I am not going to pull, I think maybe all of the energy in the universe will bring it all back if it is real. And that is all I can assume.

  4. rochelle says:

    My twin flame and I are in the surrendering stage. I did our numerology birthdates this is how my guide showed me how to work it out . His birthday is 15/10/1981 and mine is 23/06/1978 . 23 +15 =38 =11
    10+6 =16=7
    Then add the answers together 11+7+8=26.
    Then bring it down to a single digit. 2+6=8.
    11 is the number of Universal consciousness and known to be twin flames. I dont think master numbers should be reduced at all as I believe their is a sequence relating to all the numbers. 7 is the number of soulmate connections and seeking truth through mystical means . 8 is the number of eternity . In the runes that celtics have used for thousands of years this sign means eternal love or true love. Number 8 also means infinity in alot of other spiritual texts and so on. Hope this has helped you guys work out your math.
    Peace love and light .

  5. questioning15 says:

    Rachel, My sister and I have this strong bond. I feel that it is a twin flame, but is kind of confusing. our birthdates don’t add to 11 of divide to 2. However when she was going through her pregnancy, I went through it with her. I craved what she did had all the pains and everything. We can also communicate telepathically. I can sorta see auras, but not my own, so how do I know if ours matches up? How can I teach someone to see auras? Also, how would she be my twin flame? She is 3 years older than me, which makes since considering your article on the number three… however my actual twin should have been my twin flame, right? But she died during birth. So how does that work out? Please help me out!!
    If you need to email me.

  6. katrina says:

    The guy i think is my twin flame he has 3 8s in his numerology chart i have 3 11s he is air sign im earth. I often feel we are having a shared dream

  7. ashley says:

    I feel like I am going insane. I met my twin 4 months ago. We have the exact same birthday April 2. Our birth charts are both in only Fire and Water elements. Aries and Pisces for the most part. He is ignoring me right now, and it is devastating. I would like to stop thinking about him but I can’t. At first he was the chaser and I was the runner, now I am the chaser. But I have stopped. It’s a very hard relationship to deal with. This feel’s like both a blessing and curse.

  8. L says:

    numbers 8, 11 and 12 exist in almost every aspect of our relationship. What is the significance of number 8 in twin flame relationships? Crazy thing is we have always used ïnfinity”to express our love for each other, not knowing that number 8’s existed between us from the moment we were born. But maybe I’m just making this up in my mind haha.

  9. esaamaayy says:

    Hey email me ! I think :p xoxo hope to hear from u similar situaionnnn I wanna know whats happening for u now

  10. Vee says:

    Realfeelings, your story is almost exactly like mine! Only the part of you sensing him in your youth not.

    But me too I believe I met my twinsoul last year, who is 20 yrs younger. We had a relationship and lived together for half a year. After that he had another grl, but since she lived very close to my house he kept coming to see me. When we were together age disappeared. We had a lot of hihgs and lows. And many times I can feel how he feels. I never had this feeling before, and he touched me deeper than anyone else before. He passed gates nobody else passed before. It was a crazy relationship. Really weird moments. He shared some intense moments with me and some secrets. Everything he did which was not so nice hurted me like a dagger. How can this person, this soul that I am so connected with act so cruel sometimes? How can he push me away all the time? How can he insult me and disrespect me? To me it was unbelievable but unfortunately he kept doing things like that.

    Now he has a new girlfriend again. He is in a diificult situation in which I couldnt help him enough, which made him despair and me feel sad and powerless.
    This time he is silent. I dont hear anything. He doesnt contact me, deleted me from Skype. Sometimes I feel he is happy, and sometimes I feel he has problems.
    And sometimes it feels really empty, no connection suddenly. And that is a really weird feeling.
    Tonight I have sent him a message that I wish him all the happiness and that he is in a good place now. And I really do hope he will be happy although I prefered it would be with me.

    I dont know what universe will lead us too.

    Yesterdaynight something else happened: I had a twincrystal, and it fell to the floor and broke in half. First I felt really bad about it. Like the connection has been broken. But then I remembered that when I got it I said that when I would have met my twin it would break from itself… As a sign.

  11. Mara says:

    Where is the article on the number 8?

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