Surviving the twin flame relationship- Part 1 Why?

Ok so you have found your twin flame. Now what? If you think the hard part is over, and that it’s time to just sit back and enjoy, think again. The real work is just beginning.

The twin flame connection is the deepest level of soul connection that has been observed to date. Everyone has a twin. The twin souls spilt at the beginning of time, each going separate ways to gather life experience and learn lessons. Once enough lessons have been learned, the twin souls begin the process of reuniting. The purpose of this reunion is to accelerate the learning of lessons. This acceleration, coupled with the newly reawakened deep connection makes the twin flame relationship one of the most intense experiences to be had in human form. Why is this?

First off, many people get stuck on the fact that this particular relationship is unlike any other relationships he or she may have experienced. Yes! That is the point! We each only have one twin flame, hence this relationship will be very different from all other relationships. Accepting that the rules are different for this relationship is one of the first steps toward keeping the intensity at a level that allows both parties to function on a day to day basis. Once this happens, you can start to rewrite your own set of rules together, based on what works for the two of you.

Second, many people tend to realize early on that this twin is not who they would have chosen for themselves. The twin may be different and not at all what is expected. Often, a twin flame may find themselves confused and overwhelmed, asking if this is really helping at all. Well, nobody asked you! Your twin was determined at the beginning of your time, and you split so you each could learn lessons. Often what you have worked out is directly in line with things your twin needs to work out, and vice versa. This creates what is described as a mirror effect. In your twin, you see all of your own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, you are experiencing a connection that cannot be broken. That means that anything you have not worked out previously is going to come to the surface. When it does, the intensity level of the relationship goes up. Once the issue has been worked through by both twins, the intensity level drops, until the next issue comes along. How to work through these issues will be addressed in Part 2.

Finally, let’s talk about the intensity level. The first realization a twin flame must come to, is that this relationship is designed to be intense. If things aren’t intense at some point, then this is not your twin flame. This is not a smooth relationship, it takes a lot of work, but the payoff is the growth that comes out of the bumps in the road.  Also, you will find many parts of this relationship to be counterintuitive, meaning that often you may need to act the opposite way you would in a traditional relationship.

For example, a typical reaction in a relationship when things start to get too intense is to cool it for awhile, take some time off. In a twin flame relationship, this does not work. Why? Because when one or both twins starts pulling away, the intensity will increase. This is the universe pulling them back together so that whatever lesson needs to be learned happens. The way to decrease the intensity, is to pull closer together, and get through it. Confusing? Of course! Awkward? You Bet!

Next, in Part 2, I will talk about how to get through it.




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17 Responses to Surviving the twin flame relationship- Part 1 Why?

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  2. Mariette says:

    Omw! It is exactly what I am going through! But how do you know if the other person feel the same or less or more? Will twin flames lie to each other or can one totally trust each other? I would love to talk alot more about this and involve my twin flame.

    • Little One says:

      Hi Mariette ~ The twin flame journey is really a journey to the depths of your own soul. You must be happy with yourself before you come together with a true twin flame. The twin flame relationship is not ego-based, rather it is an astoundingly profound and deep soul mate connection that is hard as hell to understand. Once you go through the hills and valleys of your transformation and emerge triumphant, then and only then should you come together with your twin flame. I know the energy between me and my twin flame is so unbelievably powerful, we can barely look at one another without being overcome by emotion. (I have had to stay away and work on my “self” for the past two years and two months…it’s been hard for me.) For me, this journey is all about following my true soul’s calling as a hands-on healer. I am being called to work with Mary Magdalene, who is oversouling twin flames at this time, and help restore the balance of Divine Feminine energy to its rightful place on this good earth. Had you asked me two years ago about the twin flame relationship, I am quite certain I was wrapped up in the rapture and intense passion of the kundalini awakening. It has taken a great deal of meditation, seeking out like-minded people on the path, and following my Divine guidance to get where I am today, in a much healthier place. I am poised and ready to begin this creative and healing work with my beloved twin flame. Will it be understood by my my family? Probably not. I am sure there will me many who will judge me, as they do not understand the twin flame relationship and come from a place of fear. If you’d like to talk about what you are going though, I’m here for you…I know how difficult it can be – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You just have to trust, and if you are meant to come together with your twin flame, it will happen. I miss mine terribly each and every day and cannot wait for the day I can get that big hug from him. It’s been quite a journey. Take care, Dorina

      • jmarie says:

        I agree with all that you said. You just know! The way the other half looks at you is beyond words. Mariette I ask for guidance often. I asked God to help me get my TF out of my mind if this is not mutual and then my TF is friendly and welcoming. Lean on God and he will show the signs.

      • Little One says:

        @ jmarie …yes, this is all about finding your true Godself, the Divine spark within you. Focus on yourself, and the twin flame energy is bound to follow, for you are connected at the soul level. And, as Mariette has said – and I have, too – this is not a regular ol’ relationship. It’s all about raising the vibration for the healing of all people. It’s about creating a better, more peaceful, and loving world. It’s about bringing back the lost bride of Christ, Mary Magdalene, and honoring the divine Feminine within each of us. It’s all about finding the balance between the divine masculine and feminine energy that is within each of us. And, it’s beautiful. Good luck to you finding that twin. I know who mine is, and I love him dearly…you are right; leave it all up to God, and everything will fall into place in Divine perfect order, ❤

  3. Dorina Leslie aka "Dee" the Reiki Master says:

    I found my twin flame four years ago in 2009 and had a full-blown twin flame/lightworkers awakening on 11.11.11. My life has never been the same, with changes taking place for the better – most of the time. I am being called as a healer, having been attuned to Reiki energy right around the time of the 11.11.11 awakening, and will be starting my career as a massage therapist, for I graduate massage therapy school tomorrow. My journey has been amazing, and through it, I have learned many,many things about myself. Mostly, I have learned this journey is not just about little ol’ me. I am being called by Mary Magdalene to help restore her good name and to return the balance of feminine energy to the planet. As I move forward on my journey, increasing my vibration and helping my beautiful twin flame heal, it’s my hope that he and I can come together in peace and harmony and do something truly amazing, beautiful, and healing for humanity. To make this situation far more complicated than most, this twin flame is a famous musician, a Troubadour for our time, and a prophet. My “real” twin flame is the one in the spiritual planes who is guiding us both. I came to my twin flame through his prophetic lyrics, and I have been awakened to my purpose in this lifetime. Of course, following this calling has not been easy, either for me, my twin flame, or my poor husband who just wants his PTO mom wife back “in the box”. Today, for whatever reason, I am second-guessing myself….maybe all those claims by my sister and some “friends” are true, maybe I really am crazy. I know better, though, and I know I need to dig down deep, keep my chin up, stay positive, and wait for the next stone in my path to appear. I have come a long, long, l-o-n-g way in this journey, and I cannot give up on myself, my beloved twin flame, or the work we’re meant to do together for humanity. And, with that, I send my prayers drifting into space and ask that the universe respond. Whatever is in the highest and greatest good for me, my beloved twin flame, and my family, please bring this to fruition. Amen. I am so tired of being called crazy…I really, really am and just needed to vent “here”. Thank you for allowing me the sacred space in which to do so.

  4. Little One says:

    Hi there ~ Is there a way to change my name in the response I just left? My friend wrote an article about me in which she called me “Dee” the Reiki Master. I would prefer not to use that nickname in my response. Help…feel free to suggest a nickname. Thanks!

  5. great info,keep up the good work.

  6. Miss D says:

    My twin and I fight all the time. When we pull away it only hurts, the intensity does grows. I feel like I’m dying And I’m 40!! I never experienced this before. We didn’t choose each other. Life made us come together in the most bizzar possible way. We’re constantly struggling with staying together.

    When we fight we can go a week of not talking… a touch is all I need to feel better. She’s done so much to hurt me vice o versa. I dint understand how either of us can still be in the same dwellings.

    We need help. We truly do. We know we’re twins. Our lives have been paralleled since birth. We’re the same age… month apart, a day apart, an hour apart, and a min apart.

    We too had a chance encounter. We too became involved almost immediately.

    3 years later and we’re just not realizing who we are to each other. I don’t wish this on anyone. It’s beautiful absolutely. Its beyond bliss at times. But whoa, is it tiring and draining…. nothing like it on this earth.

  7. Frank Bello says:

    Hello and good-afternoon on my side haha, anyways just yesterday my twin and I realized we were meant to be together it’s funny how we work at the same place and never really talked until not to recent, it was out of nowhere when we started to talk about many different deep topics, one of which we Both felt as if the universe made us meet at that exact same moment. I’ve been reading countless articles and so far have come to the conclusion that this is “The right time to come together”. But like this article mentions when we both revealed our feelings, I knew it was her and she knows it’s me, but she feels overwhelmed and confused because it is a big shift in both of our lives. And like how you mentioned in one of your comments to Mariette, that you feel the energy so powerful you can barely look at one another that’s how I feel I get filled with so much emotion that this is her that I want to burst into tears of joy, with that said and all, I would like to ask how do we make the transition into a relationship? What would you recommend us do? Would it be just like our past relationships and get to know each other and go from there? I have plenty of more questions but I think these will do for now.

    • rachelpsy says:

      Definitely get to know each other and hang in there when the going gets tough. If you are truly twin souls then tough times are ahead. Feel free to ask anything and best of luck.

      • Frank Bello says:

        And that’s what we agreed on. And I have another question what is the reason for the joinning of twin flames??? if you can explain It to me

  8. rachelpsy says:

    Sure. All twin flame pairs meet because there is some purpose they need to fulfill. What yours is, is for the two of you to discover. I will say that usually it has something to do with a shared passion.

  9. jmarie says:

    What if they don’t continue on with the shared passion? We both realized we had the same shared mission but nothing really came from it and moved on from there.

    • @jmarie…I can only speak of my own experience and what I have learned is this: you have to move Farther On, with or without your twin flame. It’s not about waiting around for your beloved twin to fully awaken to his or her true self. It’s really about you becoming whole within yourself. You can send your twin flame all the love and light you want in the world, but they have free will. They have to want to do the inner work it takes to complete your shared mission for humanity. And, no doubt, It’s scary and just not that fun to take the trip to the bottom of the wishing well and look at all your personal stuff. As you move forward with your own mission, the synchronicities come along to let you know you are on the right path. Believe me, I would love nothing more than for my twin flame to join me in this mission “to help the invisible children of the world to heal”, but I remain invisible still, for he’s not responded to my call. I presented my beloved twin flame with a big, beautiful project on October 7th, when he had a big concert at the Beacon in NYC. I knew the sound guy would help me, for I’d danced beside him three years ago. Guess what? The sound guy did, indeed, walk right into me as I was going to find him…so grateful for that synchronicity. He delivered my nice little delivered my nice little birthday present, a beautiful handwritten letter updating my love on my progress since I contacted him last and all my Big Ideas. Sadly, I have reached out to him more than once…with no response. I have always been “the invisible child” – for a reason. My lesson has been to learn what it feels like to be invisible to someone, cast aside, forgotten, disregarded for my “crazy and delusional” beliefs, so that I can empathize with all the underdogs in the world and help them rebuild their lives. I have had so much manifesting take place since October 7th. It”s as if the angels keep bringing me more people and ideas to help “pull me through” to the next level of where I need to be. I am in the midst of launching a pay it forward sitec called Magdalene’s child, hope and healing for the invisible children of the world. My first focus will be to help survivors of sex trafficking, both locally and globally. I presented my twin with my lovingly worn copy of a book my brother gave me in January of 2013, A Walk Across the Sun by his friend, Corban Addison. It’s all about sex trafficking in the US, Paris, and India – a real eye-opener. Since I was given the book, I knew that was the work we were meant to do with one another…I just never knew HOW, until the synchronicities started coming one after the other, when I went to some Magdalene Feast Day events in New York. So I have some very cool stuff coming up…I am sending my tip money every month to one of four organizations, so it feels great to be making a difference. I’ll be helping a guy organize a 5K in New Haven, CT for Love146 and creating my own task force for them. I’m coordinating with local musicians, yoga studios, and will begin making malas to help save girls in Nepal from being trafficked.And if my twin flame answers my call, he’ll be helping me launch my Big Idea for a Sounds of Freedom CD, along with Jann Arden, Jewel, Lady Antebellum, Jason Mraz, the Plain White Tees, Norah Jones, Natalie Merchant, O.A.R. and Xavier Rudd…lol. I dream big you know? My message to you, jmarie..don’t give up on fulfilling your mission! The world needs you, now more than ever. Who knows? Your twin flame may just come along. I certainly hope Jackson does, despite all the obstacles we’ll both face. This work is important and necessary at this time. If he doesn’t’, I can add one more title to my bag o’ tricks…record producer. I am doing this Big Thing and loving it. 😉

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