The number 3

Ok, also in response to a question, I’m going to talk about the number 3 for a bit.We have all heard the saying “good (or bad) things happen in threes.”  But why is that?

In numerology, the number 3 represents the third or physical dimension. We do things in threes so that they will fully manifest themselves in the physical plane. Three also represents the Triad, Trinity, or triquetra. (3 combine to make one). Symbols of three are pictured below.

Three also represents a moving forward, a growing.  Three overcomes the duality of two, and can advance creative energy, taking that energy and again manifesting it into the physical plane.  Three can be used to manifest the metaphysical into the physical. This is often referred to as the Power of Three.

The Power of Three in many traditions is believed to be able to be used to manifest the metaphysical into the physical.  This could be three people, three incantations, three symbols, even three events.  It is believed that the first two of whatever happens to be in question are the direct preparations for the third and final event, physical manifestation of whatever happens to be in question.

That’s probably about as clear as mud, so let me try to shed some light on the subject with an example. Let’s say your goal is to get a new car, and you wrote a spell to get what you wanted by invoking the power of three.  You would write what you wanted, ending the spell with “by the power of three, let it be”.  The incantation would be repeated three times.  Then, if you did it correctly, the power of three would take hold.  For example, first you may determine you have no money for a car, so you are upset. Second, you get into and accident, and your car is totaled.  Three, you get a new car with your insurance money.

Notice that in this example, bad things happened.  You must be very careful when invoking the power of three, because you can never be certain that what you want is what you need.  If the two are not in sync, you may find yourself in a heap of trouble.

Another interesting thing about 3 is that it can be used to illustrate the phases that happen in life. For example, life, death rebirth.  Three distinct phases, happening over and over again.  Three can also be seen as a Trinity, both the holy trinity (father, son, holy ghost) and the sacred trinity from pagan traditions (earth, sun, moon).

I could go on forever, but it’s time for me to head onto a plane so I’ll cut it short.  Just know that three is a powerful number, and there are plenty of resources available if you wanted to see some of the cultural, spiritual and historical references to three.

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