Loving an empath

Given certain situations that have been going on as of late, I took some time during the holiday break, sat down with my twin flame Ben, and seriously asked him how he manages to live with me. After we got past the raised eyebrows, he actually told me a few things about myself that made a lot of sense.  I have decided to share them here, in hopes that it may be helpful to others in a similar situation.

Why am I so difficult to live with? I am an empath. This is a psy ability, and in a nutshell it means that I pick up on everything around me. Emotions, spirits, energy, you name it. That can be good in some ways, but in others, not so much. But I will leave a full explanation for a later post.  Now, onto the tips:

Tips for living with an empath 101 (as told by Ben)

1) Understand that often it’s not you.  Part of the gift (and curse) of an empath is that more stuff gets through to him/her than a typical person. When an empath has picked up on something particularly nasty, a major freakout can happen. Sometimes, he/she may say things to you that just don’t make sense. If this happens, don’t take it personally. Be honored that he/she trusts you enough to reach out, even as their world is crashing down around them. Sometimes just asking if they are ok, or telling them that it will be ok can make all the difference in the world.

2) Be consistent.  Empaths can, at times pick up on some pretty nasty energy. They may see, hear, feel, or even dream some pretty scary stuff.  If that happens, you may need to reassure them that things are ok. Tell him/her that you love them and whatever happens that is not going to change. You may need to repeat this several times, depending on the severity of what’s been picked up.

3) Be patient with yourself and them. Expect that you are going to mess up and occasionally have an issue. However, it is never too late to fix an issue.  Realize that once nasty energy has been picked up, it can continue to do damage. Again, depending on what has been picked up, you may need to be the one to initiate contact to clear the air.

4) Be honest! This is a huge one. An empath picks up on everything around them, and can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at them at any given time. Finding out that they have been lied to can be devastating to an empath. This becomes more important the closer the connection is. Always be honest and straightforward when dealing with an empath.

5) Be understanding and take a proactive approach.  Realize that you have been given something extremely special by having an empath in your life. You have been blessed with someone who will literally do anything for you. With this gift comes enormous responsibility. Ask them what is going on with them. Point out their strengths. Tell him/her why you love having him/her in your life. This is important.

6) Be a good friend! Empaths can appreciate honesty. However, they cannot handle being ignored. Know that again, you have been given a gift. Expect that this relationship will be unlike any other. Be proactive in reaching out to him/her. Giving a little on a regular basis goes a long way toward preventing major issues. Remember that an empath often feels completely alone in the world and may think that no one understands what they are going through. Telling them, as plainly as possible, that you are here for them and love them can mean a lot. Once you have said that, be ready to listen and follow through.

7) Understand what makes them special, and use that in a positive way. Also, understand their weaknesses, and be ready to work around them. Know that an empath cannot stop certain types of energy from affecting them. For example, loud noises, extremely crowded places, and other events may be over stimulating to an empath. Be sensitive to this, and let him/her know that you understand. (For twin flames only: a trick that works- if your twin is an empath and starts to freak in any situation, grab his/her hand or casually drop an arm around his/her shoulders. The connection to you will block out whatever is causing the issue.)

8) An empath tends to take life very seriously. Plan something fun, and try to get him/her to loosen up. Make them laugh! Also, do not take one on one time lightly. This is important, and becomes more important the deeper your connection to an empath is. Schedule this one on one time and stick to it. An empath needs to have something stable to hold onto, especially during times where there may be a lot of energy bombarding him/her at once. Be that person! Understand that he/she loves and needs to spend time with you without a whole lot of other energies around to serve as a distraction. By knowing that you are willing to take the time and focus on the two of you, an empath will feel more secure and be better able to deal with other issues.

9) Be aware of the benefits of having an empath in your life.  In him/her, you will find a loyal friend who will love you unconditionally.  This is someone who will have your back no matter what, who would probably die for you. If you need them, there is no question…they are there and you will have their undivided attention. Be aware that they will pick up on your emotions as well…this is something that happens automatically and cannot be helped. Be ready to reassure him/her. Let him/her help you…it will strengthen your connection and again, will prevent issues from him/her isolating themselves inside any negative energies they may be picking up on.

So there you have it! Try these tips and see if life doesn’t get a bit easier.


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13 Responses to Loving an empath

  1. Hi, its good post on the topic of media print,
    we all be familiar with media is a fantastic source of facts.

  2. Carol says:

    thank you for this article! I am printing it off and it will serve as a reminder for me not to react badly when she leaves me again and again 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    Rachel, have you ever mis-read the thoughts of your flame? Mine has accused me of lying a couple of times when I have spoken from the heart. we’ve never physically met so all communication is online and I wonder if this is a contributing factor – kind of doesn’t make sense if she is an empath and feeling what I feel…wondering if the intense connection might be causing her some discomfort and I wonder if she chooses to misread? is this possible? Maybe she is reading discomfort as we are trying to sort through this connection?

    • rachelpsy says:

      Depends on what is happening. Often, an empath can be bombarded with various thoughts all at once. Meaning, some may be coming from you, but some may be coming from other places as well. The fact that you are communicating online may well be a contributing factor, as there may be other energies physically present in her environment that are stronger than her online connection to you. Make sense?

  4. Carol says:

    thanks so much for replying. it totally makes sense – let s hope i remember this and not react badly if she chooses to come back

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  6. linda says:

    i have met a man online who says he is indigo. he says hes gotten certain facts out of my head. such as my birthdate. we’ve become very close but havent met in person. i dont know if i can trust him

  7. Janna says:

    I love this! I can never explain to other people how much I “feel” everything around me—I hate crowds—it gets so overwhelming—its exhausting being around so many people for too long. Its like being bombarded. Thank you for sharing!

  8. This made my day! Thank you, I needed to be reminded I am not alone.
    As I am trying to embrace this Gift-y Curse, posts like this one make me feel normal again!
    I find to be the most disturbed on my way home from work, while I am on a bus surrounded by tens of frustrated people.
    *** This will be my GO BACK TO SANITY read from now on! ***

  9. Reblogged this on beautywithinreal and commented:
    As I am trying to embrace this Gift-y Curse, posts like this one make me feel normal again!

  10. Reblogged this on Journeys in Healing and commented:
    A wonderful article that I will again reference in another blog. Enjoy.

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  12. Suzanne says:

    Oh my gosh thank you, thank,you. I am an Empath an extreamly sensitive one. I just began to figure it out when I stopped drinking, watching tv, and avoiding really negative people and situtions, at the time of my beloved mothers terminal cancer diagnosis. I wanted to ramp up my spiritual growth and really begin to accept the gifts I have been given as well. Many years ago I was diagnosed as a highly sensitive child, and then again as an adult. If it is ok I would love to copy this page and keep it with me always. I have read reams of information on what being an Empath is all about and I fit perfectly. This article makes me teary because for the first time you mirriored to me me what a kind, sensitive person I am, as my husband and friends pick on me about it, and most work environments are almost intolerable for me so I constantly go from job to job. What you wrote is so true. Again from my Empathic Heart Thank you Suzanne

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