Aura 101

In this post, I wanted to address common questions about the aura. I will try to answer as much as I can, as plainly as possible.

1) What is an aura?

An aura is typically referred to as the energy surrounding a living thing. It completely surrounds each living thing, and is emitted by that living thing.

2) How do I know it’s there if I can’t see it?

Many people actually can see auras. Also, you know your aura is there because you are alive! You are thinking, feeling, and able to experience physical sensations, emotions, and other things not easily explained.

3) Does everyones aura look the same?

No, just as living things are different, no two auras are exactly the same. The colors will vary, based on a wide variety of factors, such as personality traits, physical/health issues, emotions, or psy abilities.

4) What is an aura made of?

An aura is made of electromagnetic energy particles. These particles form each layer of the aura. An aura has 7 layers, each having it’s own color and each tells something different about the living thing it surrounds.  The seven layers and what they tell and affect are:

(from outermost to innermost)

Spiritual: Divine mind. This layer both tells and affects the living things connection with the greater patterns of the universe. The lessons you need to learn can show up here, as well as karma needing to be cleared. The color of this layer does not typically change, and can reflect personality traits.

Higher mental auric: Divine love. This layer displays the connection between twin flames. It is not always readily visible.

Lower mental auric: Divine will. This layer displays the living things commitment to growth and the spiritual journey. Psy abilities are also reflected from this layer, and can be affected by changes in it.

Astral: This layer reflects and affects relations with others. Changes in color of this aura can reflect varying relationships. In addition, ties to other living things via various relationships can show up here.

Vital auric: This layer affects the rational mind. It can reflect the ability of a living thing to handle a given situation in a rational manner. Issues with this layer can affect a living things ability to understand a given situation in a logical, reasonable way.

Etheric auric: This layer reflects emotions and sense of self.  The mood a living thing is in will be reflected here. Colors can change rapidly, depending on emotions. Changes in this layer can affect common emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and mania. Emotional connections are also connected to this layer.

Physical auric: This layer reflects all things physical. Health issues may be reflected here, as well as physical sensations. It can affect physical well being if damaged. In addition, all connections that are purely physical can be seen here.

5) What do the different colors mean?

The colors mean different things depending on the intensity of each color and which layer it appears in. I will discuss this in more detail in a later post.

6) Can an aura be damaged?

Yes! Auras are damaged on a regular basis. Each layer (except the outermost) can be damaged. I have listed a few ways below, but this is not an extensive list.

Higher mental auric: This layer can be damaged when twin flames meet for the first time. As was explained in my previous post on twin flames, this reunion is often not harmonious at first. Issues with one or both twins not wanting to face certain situations can result in tearing this layer of the aura. 

Lower mental auric: This is the layer that can be prone to psychic attack.

Astral: Relationship issues can cause this layer to tear. Arguments with a close friend or family member, or ending a relationship can also damage this layer.

Vital auric: Damage to this layer can be caused by attempts to damage the mind of a living thing. Deception is the most common cause of tears in this layer.

Etheric auric: A bad emotional connection or co-dependent relationship can damage this layer. Also, an emotional shock such as death can cause this layer to tear. If this layer sustains long term damage, it can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

Physical auric: This layer can be damaged by physical issues, such as illness.

7) Can an aura be fixed?

Yes, tears in the aura can be fixed. It depends on which layer they are in as to what can be done. For example, if a connection to a bad relationship is causing problems in the etheric layer, the connection can be cut (in most instances). Time can also heal certain tears. In addition, a shaman or reiki practitioner may be able to help.

Well, that’s it for aura 101. Stay tuned for my next post, explaining what the colors mean.

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