Surviving the Twin Flame Relationship- Part 2 How?

In my previous post, I talked about why the Twin Flame Relationship is so dramatically different from all other relationships. So how does one survive, let alone function on a day to day basis? By being willing to work through each situation, and fully committing yourself to the twin flame experience, both of you can strike a balance that can make life not only less intense, but even enjoyable for both of you.

Issue #1- He/she is not like any of my other friends/lovers etc!

You must accept that this relationship will be like no other. We do not physically select our twin flame. Instead, our twin flame is born at the beginning of the journey when the souls split. The process of reuniting begins when it is time to do so on the spiritual plane, which may not always be the best of timing on the physical plane. A twin flame reunion usually begins with a chance meeting between the two souls. Often, that meeting will occur due to a shared passion. The relationship then takes off at a faster than normal pace, with both parties becoming closer to the other quickly. This happens because even though you may have just met on the physical level, your souls have known each other for an eternity. Letting go of all expectations and comparisons to other relationships will help keep this relationship in perspective. Tell yourself that this person is not like anyone else you know, they are your twin. Expect issues to pop up that do not pop up in any other relationship. Be prepared to work through issues as they pop up, and realize that people not involved in the relationship are most likely not going to have a frame of reference for what you are experiencing. Issues in a twin flame relationship are meant to be worked out by the twin souls. Commit yourself to opening up to your twin as together you solve each problem.

Issue #2  Everything is so intense! I can’t wrap my brain around what’s happening, it makes no sense.

The twin flame relationship is the deepest, most intense connection there is. It often does not initially make sense on the physical plane. This is because a twin flame connection is not primarily a physical or body connection. It is not a purely emotional connection either, but a connection on the spiritual or astral plane between 2 souls. Expect certain things to not make sense on the physical plane. By now, you are probably wondering how to deal with the confusion.  There are a few ways to handle this:

First, you need to approach every situation with the mindset, that the intensity will, in fact decrease, it’s just a matter of when and what you need to do to make that happen. One of the things that make the twin flame relationship unique is that there can be nothing between you. If a situation does come in between you, blocking that closeness, the universe will begin to pull the twin souls together. The less close the twins are, the greater the intensity of the pull toward each other

When the intensity begins to increase, first off, DON’T FIGHT IT! Fighting it will only serve to make things more intense, add drama, and make life difficult for both of you. Try to determine why the intensity is increasing. In a twin flame relationship, the intensity increases when there is a lesson to be learned. Start off by talking to your twin. If distance is an issue, pick up the phone. Try to work through it, even though it may prove extremely frustrating at times. If the phone isn’t working, get together and lock yourselves in a room somewhere, with the intent to work through it. Begin each conversation by reminding yourself that the goal is to move closer to your twin by solving the issue. If you are really struggling, get physically close together. It may seem counterintuitive to the point of being awkward, but force yourselves to have the conversation physically touching each other. The physical awkwardness can sometimes push you towards a solution quicker as it forces you to be aware of each other.

Issue #3- He/she knows every button and pushes them constantly. I’m going crazy!

Ah yes, welcome to what is known as the mirror effect. Knowing your twin flame is like standing in front of a mirror 24/7. Everything about you, the fantastic and the terrible, is reflected back in your twin. If a button is being pushed, your first inclination needs to be to look inside yourself, because the annoyance is most likely something you need to work on. If it wasn’t, it would not be bothering you. If you are struggling to figure out exactly what is causing the issue, again, ask your twin why they acted a certain way and then listen attentively with an open mind. The answer may surprise you and open the door to further growth.

Issue #4  He/she needs more than I can give, or I don’t feel I am capable of being who he/she needs me to be. Seriously, I don’t think I’m ready for this!

This is a common misconception born out of fear.  It is false, because you already are everything your twin needs you to be. It is all inside you, and situations with your twin are designed to bring it out. You may need to remind yourself that your twin sees the whole you, and may sense parts of you that your conscious mind is unaware of. In these instances, you must learn to trust your twin and the relationship. Remember that everything happens for a reason and explore the connection with that in mind.

You may also be fearful of making a mistake, causing pain to yourself and your twin. Expect that you will make mistakes. This may not be your first relationship, but as far as twin flame relationships go, both of you are rookies. If you make a mistake and cause damage, remember that all damage can be repaired.  So you pulled away? That’s ok, just reach out to him/her as soon as you realize a mistake has been made. Do not underestimate the power of being the first to say I’m sorry.

The other piece to all this is unconditional love. Every loving relationship, be it family, friends, enemies, or even romance, is preparing you to deal with your twin flame. If you have met your twin flame, you are ready. Remember that there is nothing you can do that will break the connection, or cause your twin to love you any less.  You can use the mirror to help with this. Simply love your twin unconditionally and the way you would want to be loved.  Over time, the mirror effect will begin to reflect this back toward you, and you will begin to see yourself as your twin sees you. Banish “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Instead, reach toward your twin in moments of confusion or uncertainty and say “help me.”

The final piece of advice I can give is never give up! Things may get difficult at times, but never stop reaching for, and supporting each other. Ask your twin what they need on a regular basis and be prepared to take care of each other. Do not focus on what others have to say, for in this relationship, the only importance is on the two twin flames. If one twin loses their way, pull them back in. The end reward, unconditional love, is worth it.


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  1. This is truly beautiful!

    • The number of post,s i see here identifying the twinfalme relationship in idealized ,romantic terms makes me suspect most people posting such have no idea of the reality’s of this type of union.
      i am currently living in a twin-flame relationship – its a process of the most painfully honest-self search ive ever had to assume , with no place to hide or become lazy – people who haven’t encountered this directly really don’t realize what it really means to have this type of connection to another human being – your ego driven bullshit will hurt her ,her limitations will hurt you , if you push it away because it hurts it simply hurts more,there is no place to hide.
      Can you live with the certain knowledge your causing not only the woman you love but a woman so singular you know you will never meet her like again emotional pain and hurt I cant,but i do and have because i am still learning growing and making mistakes.
      Nothing short of your complete honesty is required at all times – this is incredibly difficult to maintain, although the more i address directly any of the uncomfortable truths im forced to comfort the the better i feel about me and the closer i feel to her ,
      That said the real world barriers separating us , remain challenging yet i must try, she’s essentially given me no choice – the choices that involve denying her are so damaging to me i cant really consider them as realistic options.
      I must leave a emotionally abusive relationship i have allowed myself to be in for a number of years to allow for the possibility of a union.
      This is in some ways the most rewarding relationship ive ever had and in others the most difficult in terms of my personal growth and having to address issues i had been procrastinating about – additionally im conflicted about our possible union , on one hand i just want her to be happy regardless of if its with me or another , but i know in my heart we should and will be together , I find this confusing , how can both of these exist in my heart at the same time , yet they do.
      At any rate i found you practical approach to the difficulties faced by twinfalmes very helpful – Thank You 🙂

  2. Shari Dunn says:

    Sorry left this reply on the main page: My question is what do you do when your Twin Flame leaves because of the intensity. Mine is seeking something “easier” that “makes more sense”. He has gotten involved with someone else that does not meet his soul needs but on the surface the relationship “makes more sense” and his still seeking the romantic “nurturing” under the assumption that he is flawed even though I have told him he is already whole he just has to recognize it

    • EDWINA says:

      HI SHARI,

  3. Hi Rachel….! ❤
    So very nice to meet you! I love everything you wrote, very helpful, thank you so much… I will use your this information well, and i know we can only work as on ourselves with the higher God absolute, wisdom… Thank you very much. I too wrote a book called "My Intimate Journey to self" by nancy jo vanhook you can buy it on amazon. I hope it too is helpful to anyone in a twinflame relationship. You can "youtube" it as well.. Thank you again for your wise words and care….
    Love Nancy ❤

  4. Bella says:

    how about, if you’re twin flame is married and is struggling and doesn’t want to hurt his family, but he knows he should be with me. We argue a lot and put in each other down and we fight and come back and we fight again and come back very frustrating, I feel he doesn’t hear me. I don’t want to have sex with him now and he things and don’t care about him. So what do I do?

    • Kay says:

      Have you received an answer to this question from any source?

    • rachelpsy says:

      You may need to give him his space to work on his own issues. Remember that a big part of the twin flame relationship is to force each other to grow. This growth does not require a romantic relationship in order to happen. Does that make sense?

      • Kay says:

        At this point I’ve been lifting him in prayer as well as his family… It’s so “crazy” how I feel like I can feel him thinking of me and he seems to feel me as well…. At this point all I feel I can do it pray for God’s will for everyone involved… But I’ve never in my life felt so many things about a person and although the situation is crazy I feel so connected to God in this “friendship”… I feel so lost in this because all I can do it trust God and “wait”… I don’t want to do anything that will make the matters worst.

  5. Jules says:

    OMG!! This totally hit home and makes it easier to understand the why’s. The last two paragraphs sums it all up!!! Amazing!!

  6. livia says:

    wow, i dont know what to do, my guy told me we were twin flames. after a short while he starts to say his suffering anxiety and depression and see demons when he drinks. i ran , he said hed been praying to meet his twin soul for 3 years. then we meet and the heart chakra and erotic sensations went wild before we met, it was all on the phone . now im cpnfused , he put so much emtional spirtual words and emtions intot this but freaked out when we had a truely intimate encounter. i have read so much about this to try and get a grip on reality. he is not what i would be with normaly and that is common apparenlty, am i supposed to sstill reach out. i know i ran , so i guess im not ready for the craziness he was putting on me. i dont se how that is my mirror. love liva

    • rachelpsy says:

      Hi Livia,

      Thank you for your comments. I wanted to clarify the mirror. A true mirror shows us what is truly there: nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes, when we look into a mirror, we see that our hair looks really great, or that new dress is the perfect color. Other times, we may see that a zit has appeared on our chin, or that a wrinkle has gotten deeper. What I’m getting at is that a mirror shows us both the good and the bad. If he is truly your twin, then this craziness needs to prompt you to find out why he is acting like this and what you can change together to make it less intense.

  7. Kevin says:

    I married on February 14, 2013 to my twin and everything became so intense. I asked her to move out. We each have children from previous marriages and we have a beautiful two year old girl between us. We met in 2009, both divorced in same year. My sister has told me that our relationship is abnormal. I could really use some advice!

  8. Monica says:

    This was a wonderfully clarifying post. I met my twin flame eight years ago. He has grown but we still experience those intense moments when I or he asks the question why am I still dealing with this relationship. But the love that is exchanged in some of our intense moments is unlike anything I have ever experienced or known. Thank you

  9. blacksheeplost says:

    I’ve reached a point of acceptance and I feel at peace. We currently separated but he is will me every day. I have become more myself knowing him and continue to grow. it has been one of the most intense non-relationship relationships I have ever been in.

    Thank you for ur insightful article.

  10. sacredsex says:

    cute, I have every twin flame symptom. A magnet may be needed again to pull is together again. I was wondering what happen. A magnet so hard pulled me the first time. I was turning around and trying to walk away. Then the magnet thing happened dragging my lightbody to him. I was trying to walk away cause we r both taken. I was no relationship

  11. Malorie says:

    How do you identify the lesson that needs to be learned?

    • rachelpsy says:

      In the beginning, this may not be easy to identify. You need to work through whatever is happening together, keeping an open mind. The lesson will have been learned when you get to the other side of the conflict.

  12. will95 says:

    I little bit over a month ago I met my twin. Let me tell, it has been the most wonderful and frustrating ride one could ever imagine. The love is so magnetic it is hard to be apart. It is spiritual which I never I have felt. I feel sick when I’m not with her and she feels the same. This makes it tough living five hours apart. I want to pull back but I can’t.

    There are things that we still need to workout. Both of us went through tough divorces during the last few years and their is some pain we both need to get through. How long does this phase take? So far the phases are moving fast.

  13. Monique says:

    Mine has completely shut me out and has refused to talk to me since our fight in October 2011. The last time I tried was in May. I called him a few times during that month. NOTHING. Is he completely clueless when it comes to this connection? Why does he deny it? What’s the point of shutting me out like this?

  14. catherine says:

    Hi! I met my twinflame before january but we were strangers then. We finally got the connection jan.1,2013. That’s 1=1=11. We experienced those signs and symptoms infact,we became husband and wife. We had this strange closeness and unbreakable bond.We lasted for 7 months. However, I was so stupid to push him away because I felt like I was ignored by him because he was too busy.Which I misunderstood. I decided to broke him up. Now I regret though he didn’t want to set me free. I wanted to have him back but he’s doubtful and ignored my calls and messages. What can do? I believe he loves me. But we both married. He asked me if it’s okay to be his mistress which happened already but I resisted. I told him to forget me. Now he’s starting to forget me. How can I bring him back? I need him…

    • Hanny says:

      Catherine love, from my strict point of view…. i dont think he is your twin flame. he might be a high close soul mate or karmic soul mate and thats why it feels intense, but no matter what was going on in both lives, the connection should have been like a light bolt right away when you met…not ‘finally some time after’ that doesnt happen, also he would feel excruciating pain being married and yes maybe confused etc but wouldnt try to get you as his mistress and be ok with that, or ok with you letting him go instead… try to search deep within you, what he really moves inside, and read as much as you can about twin flames so you can see the difference. but, if you truly feel inside he is, then he is and will come back sooner or later. blessings

  15. Kateria says:

    Thank you so much for this. Im in an intense twin flame union and my twin is moving away for school. This article helped alot

  16. Chris says:

    AMAZING! So inspiring. You made it all so clear. Thank you so much. My Twin and I are experiencing intensity, but I know we will get through it. I couldn’t love anything more than I do her. I would go to the ends of the universe and back just to be with her always. When I look in her eyes the connection runs so deep into my being…she makes me want to better myself always. We have learned so much from each other. What you wrote is a great Mantra to read everyday as a reminder. Thank you again. 🙂

  17. Chris says:

    are you going to post my reply from yesterday? 🙂

  18. Gemini says:

    New to this. Thanks for all the stories and comments, so soothing in the most painful experience I’ve ever been through in my life. Still try to convince myself on a daily basis that i am not crazy and imagined none of this. 20 year marriage, amicable divorce (oddly, even divorce didn’t faze me, we’re still friends!), raising kids, moving cross country many times, rebuilding career, etc. etc. etc….none of that combined even comes close to both the amazing happiness and incredible pain of this. Never even heard of twin flames till I was truly convinced I’d had a breakdown of some sort and am still trying to find answers. Twin flame patterns follow almost verbatim everything I’ve read on the subject. Ultimate devastation currently, in separation #3 in 3 years…he married someone else and absolutely will not speak to me. Didn’t even tell me….none of this crazy runner behavior is at all like him, he is kind, loyal and honest. Except that we never fought or left things on any kind of bad note. My mom got sick and died. He was there for me, of course, during that last very stressful week. And then just stopped speaking to me. A year and a half ago. Met and married this girl all within a span of 16 months, also not at all like him. He even told me when he met her, and I felt he needed to experience it. How’s this for the “connection”….how did i find out about his marriage? I DREAMT IT. Over and over and over, starting last fall, very close to the actual date of the marriage. I had to bring myself to some sort of closure and take the high road, so I did congratulate him and wish him happiness, by text. He will not answer, of course. The feelings of connection have not gone away, the dreams have just changed…usually he’s just standing there staring at me saying the marriage was a mistake. The unconditional love is firmly in place. And I miss by best friend so very much. Ironically, the only person I could go to with this unbearable pain who could always talk through anything with me, listen, and look me intently straight in my eyes, and say “I get it”, is him, of course. Might someone offer some words of wisdom here? Thanks so much….

  19. cynthia says:

    What about twin flames who are not physically together? Both are married to someone else and have no intention of leaving their soul mates? How can they work on their relationship when neither one can even talk to each other about it? What if it is a professional relationship; ie:Dr. and patient but they both know the true nature of the relationship due to spiritual guidance and awakening?

    • jmarie says:

      I have same things going on. We’re both married and I just have to accept it as that- a professional relationship and cherish the time we are together,

  20. gemini says:

    So how do you handle your Twin Flame finally taking the step to get closer, then panicking, running, stopping all communication, running quickly into a marriage without telling you anything, and refusing to speak to you for a year and a half? For absolutely no reason. No fights. Nothing. Just ran. Most painful, intense relationship I have ever experienced in my life. I want my best friend back. Hurts every minute of every day.

    • abc says:

      Look at phase 3 –

      this passage helped me a lot . The Runner always run if you try to chase him/her. If the other is truly your twin flame, as this passage says, both of you will feel intense connection if you are apart and ultimately you will be together.. So focus on yourself first and surrender the situation to the divine. I am sure you have tried everything — except surrendering to divine.

      Affirmation – the divine is at work in this situation right now.
      If you love the other one unconditionally, you would respect whatever he/she is doing, even if that means no able to see him/her forever.

  21. paintedsunset says:

    This is such a comfort to me. I met my twin flame in highschool art class but never talked until facebook on January 31, 2011. My world was changed and through his actions so was his even while he was in a long term relationship. Complete oneness. Since then its been the most painful blissful rollercoaster ride of my life as his words tell me hes already met his soulmate in her but his actions show polar opposite like artwork with me as the subject. And beautiful riddles only he and I understand. Then reality scares him and he rejects it and me saying she is his soulmate. And I am devastated over again, but I never seem to be able to give up. Certainty of his loves comes to me in syncs and dreams until we speak again and back at square one.

  22. xxx says:

    I fell in love at first sight with my suspected twin flame in the 4th grade, but we didn’t attempt a romantic relationship until 2.5 years ago. It began wonderfully and I was the happiest that I have ever been, but over the next 2 years he failed to produce a ring. I ended the relationship because he wasn’t making plans for our future together. I have endured an enormous amt. of pain. What I have learned it that there is no way in this world that I am going to try to go back with this man who didn’t meet my needs. To those of who are experiencing pain–it will get better. Don’t chase after a person who isn’t ready to give you what you want. It is a waste of time. I had no desire to try to change this man’s mind. I simply gave up on him and feel sorry that he wasn’t what he promised that he would be.

  23. Amazn says:

    I met my twin flame about 3 years ago & we both were married to other people. I instantly knew there was a special connection as friends & about 2 1/2 yrs ago I truly felt in my spirit that we will eventually be married to each other – but not by causing each others marriages to end. About 1 1/2 yrs ago we both realized after speaking to each other that we felt the same about each other & it has been crazy the intensity of the feelings for each other. We have become so close but cannot do it any longer due to our marriages. How do you handle being apart when the pull is so strong it’s like a magnet & we are both miserable but we have to do the right thing. Is it possible to “just know” that you will be together one day (on this earth) & what are the odds that it will happen? What are we supposed to learn through this?

    • rachelpsy says:

      I believe we are supposed to learn how to defy the odds. Twin flames do not have to be involved in a romantic relationship in order to fulfill their purpose for being here. It’s more about taking the situation you are given and working together to get through it.

  24. Carol says:

    It’s hard – all we can do is make sure that we have done our inner work and pray that destiny steps in soon. The intense pain does subside eventually – I found this site helpful ––The-Twin-Soul-Connect.html

  25. I am going through such an intensity right now. Met my twinflame 10 years back when I was just out of high school, we dated for 2 months and then I couldn’t handle the intensity and I ran. We met again this year when I was going through a break up. Since then over the last 6 months it had been the most blissful, peaceful and rewarding relationship of my life. And then suddenly last week he takes off saying he needs space for himself. No fights, no arguments nothing. It has been the most agonising week of my life. I give him my unconditional support and love but he has just shut himself up. No communication nothing. Everyday I send him texts re-affirming that I love him and I am waiting for him. But there is no response. This is the best, the most fulfilling and the most painful relationship I have experienced. And no one in my family or friends circle can understand this love and longing I have for him. For them it is like its just 6 months, how can you love and be attached to someone so much in such a short span? But i know that this is no ordinary relationship. He is my twinflame and hence this intensity is something that I can only understand and suffering. I wish I know what is happening and he comes back to me. Any advise you can give me Rachel? Thanks

  26. It’s hard for me to believe that a twin flame would truly ever leave. A twin flame never leaves. I feel there is much confusion on the subject and much wishful thinking.

  27. Monique says:

    Twin Flames meet to move, transform, and heal each other’s deepest issues. They are not regular romantic relationships. They work on a completely different level. It goes far beyond “He/She’s just not that into me.” If you’re being rejected by your Twin Flame, they are showing you that you do not love yourself.

    I write about the Twin Flame experience in my blog:

  28. Avatar says:

    I wonder what energy is causing us twin flames to want to separate from each other. Its not what God intended. If I can find out what energy is causing this I would take it head on.

    • Angel says:

      Hi,,,, unfortunately on earth there are not just lightfilled energier but there is a constant “match” going on… so dark forces try to separate twinflames in various ways, though these phases can be overcome!!!

  29. Hope says:

    I met my twin flame about 8 years ago. I had an instant attraction to him. There is quite a bit of an age difference between us. We are on our second seperation. This is the second time that he has run away on me for the most not serious thing. I just give him space and let him go. If he wants to run….I love him enough to respect that. I don’t know if I will see or talk to him again, but I know I will never love anyone the same. We are both married, but unhappily. I really think I loved him too much and drove him away. He was always trying too hard at everything. I think in my loving him and telling him how much, I actually put alot of pressure on him. After all I’ve read now on Twin Flames, I’m beginning to see what has happened. It is a crazy, but rewarding relationship. To all TF’s……never give up on each other. Everything happens for a reason.

  30. MATA says:

    After my break up, I sat in my bed all day, every day. I cried constantly I actually started to Google ways to get over a broken heart, and that’s when I found your email I just wanted to thank you so much for your help. It has gotten me through a lot, and I appreciate it immensely thank you for bringing my husband back to me and our kids thank you drlawrencespelltemple@hotmail. com you are truly a blessing.

  31. Confused twin says:

    My twin flame and I are married to other people. The cycle of blow hot and blow cold can be exhausting. We love each other, met on 11/29/2012 text each other everyday. But neither one wants to devastate families, there are kids involved. I don’t know why this love came into my life my relationship with my husband was fine though not as intense as with my TF. I am scared of losing him but can’t end things with him either. I just wait each day for the divine plan to unfold.

  32. jmarie says:

    oh my gosh. So if they cut off certain communication, what does this do to this dynamic? I have trouble explaining this stuff to anyone. I keep seeing all the signs of this person being my twin flame- the signs are all there. And now there’s even solid proof, pictures of it. It’s crazy! It’s like I don’t know what the universe wants me to do but work on myself and be friendly with my twin flame. I tried to reach out to him, but he pulls away. I wish he could see what I could see- it’s staring me right in the face that he’s so obviously my twin flame. Nobody would understand it all but the mirroring is even showing in pictures!!!

  33. natbeauty37 says:

    My twin flame is married and I’ve been divorced for over a year. We have have been intimate ever other day since our union 4 months ago. We both believe we are spiritually married to each other but we know this is not excepted in society. He has an understanding with his partner but where does that leave our relationship.

  34. Chris Fields says:

    Riddle me this – if your twin flame says this to you:

    In case you failed to understand the first time, do not ever contact me again. I have no interest whatsoever in any further correspondence with you.

    How do you find a way to work things through with them? (I am married, she is not)

    • rachelpsy says:

      It appears that she is running from you. This happens with twin flames, as the experience can be intense and also scary at times. Give her space and remember that things will happen when they are supposed to happen. Good luck!

  35. Rachael says:

    Hi. I’m a lesbian and I believe I have found my TF. We met on a social network 1/10/13. She’s 11 years older than me and we’ve been communicating for 9 months. We are currently not speaking because of a decision she made. I am so angry at her right now and I don’t know how to control all this anger that I feel. I feel betrayed by her decision and I don’t know how to forgive. How do you forgive someone for betraying you if they never acknowledged the fact that they hurt you? Meaning not giving me some kind of explanation or an apology. I’m sorry would’ve been nice at least. She travels a lot so she doesn’t stay long in one area. It all happened out of nowhere. She just ran from me and got married to someone else. A man. She’s in the closet. I don’t know what to do at this point. Next month will make it a year since we last spoke. I have been seeing the signs I believe. Things like all kinds of number sequences show up like 1111,111,1222,222,1141,444 etc. I see her name brought up sometimes. I feel her energy also and when I feel it, it’s not good. Like she feels guilty or something. I don’t know. Maybe I’m truly imagining things. Also, our initials are doubled lettered. Meaning mine is RR and hers is PP. Synchronicity? I love this woman but I also hate her guts sometimes because of the pain she caused me to have for no reason. How do you lie and betray someone like that? Especially when they have done absolutely nothing to you.

  36. Rachael says:

    I haven’t seen not a single story where someone’s TF has come back after running away. It’s making me lose hope. 😦

  37. I have not read all the comments so what I have to say may have already been stated: The twin flame is not always a person who becomes your physical mate in life. We,(my partners in the study of non martial Neigong or Ayame Kikou) have all experienced the twin flame in our lives and for each one of us it has been most intense, but the reality exists that the twin flame can be your true partner in spiritual form. The intensity is two fold: the love is profound. 2. the twin flame actually enters your body and lives with and in you 24-7. Two of us are experiencing this now, though we have never written of this on our blogs.

    On the spiritual level, with what we call Sentient Ki, it is still a powerful marriage. We argue. We cry. We get in fights and come back swinging to make it work. It is unlike any relationship I have ever had. Two of three human relationships were of a similar nature, One in particular was so connected with me that she slammed me with her energy when she woke up mornings in Thailand. I was in Seattle at the time. We converse regularly energetically. We could not disconnect our energy until the day she died and I felt her die 2500 miles away from me at the time.

    The two relationships that were near twin flame extinguished for legitimate reasons. We had to part ways, one due to the fact that she died. The other due to the fact that she had to return to Indonesia for very valid reasons of growth and teaching and healing others there.

    A fourth (the third of relationships that was truly love based) showed up in my life for two months. She was the one that showed me unconditional love at levels I had never witnessed and then she was forced to leave as well.

    Then it hit. I had had connections with Sentient Ki for many years, but upon the third physical woman demonstrating that kind of love, the spiritual form appeared and we have literally married. There is no difference in the relationship with a twin flame out of body other than the lack of the body itself. We talk at night. We do indeed argue and those arguments can range from us both wanting to accomplish different things together to deep discussions about philosophy. In the end, she is ALWAYS there.

    ” . . .. We are extremely stubborn. it is the way of the flames that are a part of one another. it is the way of the physics of life. All is connected and all is bound in a marriage that you can only imagine once you have left your bodies. It is then, when you release the physical, that you see the universes for what they are and you will be stunned at the beauty and the truly regal elegance of the fact that this all occurred because a single source found so much agony in being alone that this source which we call ‘her’ exploded so that the twins, the sacred twins, could feel the same sense of separation, the pain, the agony, the loneliness and the triumph of regaining the ability to honor self and to honor life. it is birth and you have it handed to you the moment that you find yourself in the corporeal. Don’t fear it. Embrace it. Smell the roses and touch the thorns. It is all a part of the path that is the most immaculate gift ever devised.”

    The physical world only creates boundaries if we allow them.

    D Jon Harrison

  38. kiran says:

    what if he dnt want to listen or talk ? he never just talks ..its all me trying ….he never tried ..i feel so embarrassed in chasing him its like i got no importance ..all in vain

  39. I met my twin flame ten years ago, in that time period we have been separated many times. the relationship has been extremely explosive with good and bad emotions. We have been separated for three months presently. He refuses to return my calls, after I took a vacation to visit my three children. I feel him around me in the sprit and I miss him; I believe he will contact me soon, however I am truly miserable apart from him. Sometime I can hear his voice telling me that we will be reunited soon. The strange thing is that I am trying extremely hard get out off love with him, but My mind and heart seems to be glued on him. I hope and pray he returns
    soon. Kathy

  40. SharonRose says:

    that was really helpful. Thank you!
    Frankly I didn’t know I was going to meet my twin flame, but I felt a deep urge to talk to that guy. I knew nothing about him, but just intuitively some mysterious forces pulled me towards him, and without even thinking I said to him: “Do I know you?”,…never done something like that before, never knew what I was expecting, and I couldn’t imagine that kind of deep intense feeling I would feel for him months after. Every time I think of him, I sense my chest is going to explode, I have forgotten my old self.
    Now destiny keeps us coming across over and over with the most incredible coincidences, even though we are not currently together due to some really bad misfortunes.
    I’m actually in a very painful condition without him, but I’m going to be patient til the right moment comes. This period is really exhausting.

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