OK, given recent events that I have been told about, I wanted to address the whole soul mate issue.  It is popular belief that everyone only has one soulmate, right? WRONG!! A soul mate can be described as a karmic buddy, someone who helps you out and has something to teach you over multiple lifetimes.  It could be a romantic interest, a friend, or mentor.  Therefor, everyone has more than one, and they will come in and out of our lives at various points as necessary.

Now, the phenomena that is commonly mistaken for a soul mate, is what is known as a twin flame.  Everyone only has one of those.  When souls are created, they split into two, which is where the term “twin flame” comes from. These two souls (or flames) are nearly identical, and typically are not alive at the same time earlier in their respective journeys.

If twin flames do happen to be alive at the same time, it is rare that they will meet except under two circumstances.  1) They are ready to meet and be together, nearing the end of the journey, or 2) there is a specific circumstance present where one or both need help that only a twin can provide. I will address both of these situations in a later post.

The most important thing to understand about meeting your twin is that it WILL happen eventually.  If you have not met yet, it is because it is simply not time yet, and you may not be ready.  A relationship between twin flames can be an intense experience, and if you are not prepared for this intensity it can hit hard enough to knock you off track. Just be patient and at the right time, it will happen.


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One Response to Soulmate?

  1. Carol says:

    you wrote that If twin flames do happen to be alive at the same time, it is rare that they will meet except under two circumstances. This is all so new to me (well 2 years so kinda new), my soul tells me we are working towards getting ready to meet and be together, that we are nearing the end of our journey. Something so deep inside striving to understand all of this, to truly believe this miraculous journey. She is an empath, the evolved soul, the one who reads me, literally, sees through my eyes and lives in my head – I wish I knew if she was simply a runner or provoking situations to “help” me evolve. I will trust the process and being over 50, hope it doesn’t take too many more years to figure out. Thank you for such great information – I’ve read all of the articles and found great comfort in them.

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