OK, given recent events that I have been told about, I wanted to address the whole soul mate issue.  It is popular belief that everyone only has one soulmate, right? WRONG!! A soul mate can be described as a karmic buddy, someone who helps you out and has something to teach you over multiple lifetimes.  It could be a romantic interest, a friend, or mentor.  Therefor, everyone has more than one, and they will come in and out of our lives at various points as necessary.

Now, the phenomena that is commonly mistaken for a soul mate, is what is known as a twin flame.  Everyone only has one of those.  When souls are created, they split into two, which is where the term “twin flame” comes from. These two souls (or flames) are nearly identical, and typically are not alive at the same time earlier in their respective journeys.

If twin flames do happen to be alive at the same time, it is rare that they will meet except under two circumstances.  1) They are ready to meet and be together, nearing the end of the journey, or 2) there is a specific circumstance present where one or both need help that only a twin can provide. I will address both of these situations in a later post.

The most important thing to understand about meeting your twin is that it WILL happen eventually.  If you have not met yet, it is because it is simply not time yet, and you may not be ready.  A relationship between twin flames can be an intense experience, and if you are not prepared for this intensity it can hit hard enough to knock you off track. Just be patient and at the right time, it will happen.


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OK, I’m going to divert a little and discuss love for a bit.  There are basically 3 types of love.


Eros- A Greek term meaning “intimate”.  Also known as erotic or romantic love.  This is the physical attraction we feel toward people. It also can lead to the formation of deep connections, passion and desire.  It can ignite quickly, and can be extinguished just as quickly. Erotic love also depends on the specific situation a person is in.  What may be desirable in one instance, may prove to be undesirable in another.

Philos- A Greek term meaning “friend”.  This is the love most commonly shared between friends and siblings.  It is also based in common interests and goals.  This type of love also depends on the specific situation a person is in.  Shared interests or goals can keep this form of love alive, however, if the factor causing the bond were to go away, there is a strong possibility that the love could go with it.

Agape- A Greek term meaning “love”.  This type of love is the grand daddy of all love.  It is love that rises above circumstances and focuses on the well being of the person that is loved.  This type of love is “I love you no matter what.”  It is forgiving, and always seeks to care for another person. This type of love can also contribute to the success of both erotic and philosophic love. Because agape seeks to always care for another despite circumstances or situations, it endures at all times.  This type of love is commonly observed in soul mates and twin flames.

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Clair what?

I wanted to dedicate this post to explaining the differences in certain well known psy abilities.  Clairvoyant comes from French meaning “clear vision”.  It is a widely used term, however it is often applied to situations where a different term might be more accurate.

Clairvoyant- accurately describes someone who is able to see something or someone not physically present on this plane or in the same physical location.

Clairaudient- accurately describes someone who is able to hear things not physically present in a certain location or on this plane of existence.

Clairsentient- accurately describes someone who can use a sense of feeling or touch to gain information about people or events.

Clairailient- accurately describes someone who is able to smell things that are not physically present.

Clairgustant- accurately describes someone who is able to taste things without putting anything in his or her mouth

Clairempathatic- accurately describes someone who is able to sense the feelings of others beyond what is obviously being displayed.

Claireognizant- accurately describes someone who is able to gain information by intrinsic inner knowledge. It is a form of ESP.

So that’s it in a nutshell!  As always, any questions can be posted as a comment or shoot me and email.



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What is psy?

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Psy is an abbreviation for psychic abilities.  It is derived from the Greek concept of psi (pictured here)meaning unknown. A few important facts before we go on… 1) 99% of people that are psy are born that way. 2) Most … Continue reading

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Hello all

Hello there!

My name is Rachel, and based on a lot of information out there, I have decided to start this blog.  My wonderful boyfriend Ben will be helping me in this endeavor and I am really excited!  I hope this blog will be educational about what psy really is, and more importantly what it isn’t.  Any questions, just ask, I was raised to be open with it.

With that, let’s get started!


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