OK, I’m going to divert a little and discuss love for a bit.  There are basically 3 types of love.


Eros- A Greek term meaning “intimate”.  Also known as erotic or romantic love.  This is the physical attraction we feel toward people. It also can lead to the formation of deep connections, passion and desire.  It can ignite quickly, and can be extinguished just as quickly. Erotic love also depends on the specific situation a person is in.  What may be desirable in one instance, may prove to be undesirable in another.

Philos- A Greek term meaning “friend”.  This is the love most commonly shared between friends and siblings.  It is also based in common interests and goals.  This type of love also depends on the specific situation a person is in.  Shared interests or goals can keep this form of love alive, however, if the factor causing the bond were to go away, there is a strong possibility that the love could go with it.

Agape- A Greek term meaning “love”.  This type of love is the grand daddy of all love.  It is love that rises above circumstances and focuses on the well being of the person that is loved.  This type of love is “I love you no matter what.”  It is forgiving, and always seeks to care for another person. This type of love can also contribute to the success of both erotic and philosophic love. Because agape seeks to always care for another despite circumstances or situations, it endures at all times.  This type of love is commonly observed in soul mates and twin flames.

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