What is psy?

Psy is an abbreviation for psychic abilities.  It is derived from the Greek concept of psi (pictured here)meaning unknown. A few important facts before we go on…

1) 99% of people that are psy are born that way.

2) Most psy are asleep at birth (more on this later), and will “wake up” later in life.

3) All psy are different, as all people are different. This means each person will have a different set of abilities.

4) Psy refers to a set of abilities.  It is not the same as Wicca, witchcraft, or a variety of other religions and practices that are out there.

5) Psy deals with the “other side” on a regular basis.  It comes with the package.

There are five circles of psy, determined based on the birth of the person who is psy.  The circles are: Bre, Yen, Tra, Hora, and Es.

With that taken care of, I think it’s about bedtime. Tune in later, as I will be posting more.

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One Response to What is psy?

  1. questioning15 says:

    May you go in further detail of the five psy circles, Bre, Yen, Tra, Hora, and Es? I can not find any more information any where on the internet…

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